Introductions & Ramblings of the Sleep Deprived

Sleep deprivation does funny things to a person. For some odd reason, my lack of sleep has led me to believe that someone somewhere would want to know the thoughts that swim around my mind in the middle of the night as I wait for my sweet (loud, chatty, nighttime terrorist Achmed) daughter to decide her crib party is over & she’s going to go back to sleep. So, here goes…KV’s first attempt at this thing called blogging…

7 months ago was the last time I slept, really, truly slept. The hubs and I treated ourselves to a new Tempur-pedic mattress (and a monthly bill in the mail reminding us of said purchase)  when I was in the last weeks of my first pregnancy. Here’s a mental image for you: chubby preggo in Florida at the end of June hoisting giant bags of new bedding out of the trunk sweating like Richard Simmons & cursing blessed new mattress, being pregnant, and my hubby who was happily working whilst I prepared for delivery. Who in their right mind decides she can lift an old queen mattress and prop it up against the wall to make room for a new bed??? This girl. I’m kind of an independent, do-it-myself moron. I digress. 7 months ago, I slept….for a whole 4 nights on the new mattress before giving birth to our daughter, whom I’ll refer to as LL. I don’t remember what a full night’s sleep on that new bed feels like. Yes, I still have the new, can’t-afford-the-monthly-payment bed but that whole “full night’s sleep thing”…yeah, so not happening.

Through the night breast-pumping fests, lactose intolerant newborn screams, postpartum depression from hell, working mommy guilt, formula feeding guilt, chronic double ear infections….just a taste of what has kept me from a good night’s sleep. Yeah, that list is pretty grim. Let’s try this one: LL giggling away as she slides down her elevated mattress; laughing hysterically with the hubs in the middle of the night as we try to remember “before LL life”; trying to hide my laughter as I am being mother of the year in my mind singing my sweet baby to sleep as she reaches up, grabs my lips….and closes them; rocking sassy-pants to sleep and actually having her willingly fall asleep in my arms; watching her learn to pick up toys, hold her own bottle, sit up on her own, roll around the floor to get where she wants to go…those things are a good reason to lose sleep.

So on this blog you’ll find all sorts of stories: the good, the bad, & the hilarious…now, it’s 8:48p & I’m ready for bed….oh the life of a mommy…

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