Just Another Day in Paradise…

This Phil Vassar song plays in my head… a lot. This morning was a particularly rough one for me. Laura was moody. Pepper had a flea on her (not good when you’re me and you’re borderline OCD). The pediatrician’s office called informing us that the insurance we use for Laura (out of our own pocket) is worthless and we need to pay up. Sigh, needless to say, by the time I actually sat down for breakfast my head was pounding something fierce. 

As I was sitting next to Laura and trying to drink one whole cup of coffee, I looked up and saw this:
Alas, my love of fall and my subsequent early decorating bit me in the booty, smacked me in the face, gave me a wake up call. I was in the midst of throwing myself one heck of a pity party when instead I should have been thanking God that my problems are so small. I stopped in my tracks by God’s good grace and asked for forgiveness and did one of my long-forgotten but favorite things to do: made a list of things I’m grateful for. I’ve found that when I’m down or my perspective is skewed this is a sure fire way of snapping back into place.

So tonight, I’m thanking God for:
  • the forgiveness of sins and promise of life eternal won through Jesus, my Savior.
  • the blessing of a beautiful family–a loving & hard-working husband and an intelligent, healthy & hilarious daughter.
  • a home, food, clothing, and the beyond essentials that He gives me daily.
  • doctors…even if we’re stuck with a big bill because I know God always provides.
  • a bathtub, washing machine, and flea medicine for my dear little Pepper-dog.
  • rest when I need it.
  • His word to remind me of all the things I take for granted, how I am forgiven of those sins and all others, and His promise of heavenly peace & comfort by His side.
  • the grace-filled moments where He shows me what’s really important and guides me away from my sin of self-pity & worry.

“Give thanks to the LORD for He is good; His love endures forever.” Ps. 118:1


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