Peace & Quiet

Every year when I was teaching I would inevitably get sick or lose my voice in December. Like clockwork, my life would become filled to the max with lists upon lists of things I HAD to accomplish. I would become so busy that I’d forget to eat well, sleep well, and take care of myself resulting in being worn down, sick, and tired. This year, even though I work at home with just one little to watch over, I find myself starting to mentally make those lists and find my patience wearing thinner and thinner. This time, thanks to my friend, Dana, and her advent blog, I have caught myself just in time.

It’s become far too easy for me lately to neglect my daily time in God’s Word. The opposite was one of the biggest blessings about teaching in a Christian school especially at Christmas time. I would get to practice the children’s Christmas service songs & Bible readings every day with my students. Now I’m left a little lonely in that department. I’m really feeling the need to find a way to make that a part of my daily routine again, be it with Christmas music playing throughout the day or scouring the Interwebs for solid Advent devotions and meditations. 

While I absolutely love my Christmas traditions from when I was little, there’s something more important that I need to be focused on…preparing my heart for Jesus. Instead of worrying about cookies, I need to think about my sins. Instead of worrying about Christmas pictures, I need to think about my deep need for a Savior. Instead of worrying about creating every possible tradition for my little family, I need to ponder the grace & forgiveness that is mine through the birth of the baby in Bethlehem. Like Mary, I need to treasure the story of Jesus’ birth and ponder God’s amazing grace. That is real Christmas preparation.

So I’m checking out of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas prep, realizing that even if I don’t bake a gazillion diary-free, gluten-free Christmas cookies, write & mail my first ever Christmas letter, or even get family pictures squeezed in…CHRISTmas will still come on December 25th with all its joy and true peace. I’m letting go of the idea that Christmas will be less special for my family if I don’t get XYZ finished. The things I do happen to finish without losing focus will be in an effort to keep Christ at the center of my preparation & celebration. Because in the end, Jesus was still born; Jesus still lives; Jesus will still come again.

For some extra help in staying focused, check out the links below 🙂
Bread for Beggars:The mission and purpose of the Bread for Beggars blog is to share Christ centered devotional media with God’s people who desire to be fed and nourished by him on a daily basis.Bread for Beggars is a blog of hungry beggars who have bread and wishes to share.The contents of the posts will vary. Some will be devotions written by the bloggers, but most will be devotions, sermons, music, reviews, and visual arts that have been produced by other Christians. 

A Different December: This blog is written by a friend of mine. Her goal is to write 25 posts leading up to & preparing for Christmas by focusing on the true gift of Christmas, Jesus.

Truth in the Tinsel: Truth in the Tinsel is a hands-on Advent activity ebook for littles to use their creativity to prep for Christmas. Saving this for one more year when Laura will be good and ready to craft away. 


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