A Little Something Extra

So I have been blessed with the opportunity to write a blog on a regular basis for the website Bread for Beggars! BfB is place to go where you can find all sorts of sound, Biblically correct media…songs, sermons, videos, stories, blogs, art, devotions. Anything you could possibly want to nourish your faith throughout the day. I know that I slack & therefore suffer when I don’t feed my faith with the Word on days other than Sunday. This website is full of reviewed and evaluated Christian resources. We’ve taken the work out of sifting through the incredible amount of “Christian” resources on the Interwebs.

I’m just so proud of the work the men and women who are dedicated to this site have done. It’s easily my favorite website out there. There is literally something for everyone, always full of the gospel, never sacrificing the meaty content we all crave, whether we realize it or not.

Building on the Rock is the blog I write for BfB. It’s dedicated to parents, caregivers…really anyone with kiddos in their lives. Please check it out and share it with your friends if you find anything you like on Bread for Beggars. It’s easy to spread the Gospel when all you have to do is click!

Here’s a little snippet of my latest blog on BfB:

She’s teething. She didn’t nap well. She’s out of her routine. She’s just hungry. She’s just being the toddler she is. She’s strong willed. She’s extra independent. She’s feeding off my bad mood. She’s not being stimulated enough. She’s over stimulated. She must be getting sick. She’s just like her mother. She’s just like her father.
Excuses, excuses, excuses…
I’ve recently had a big “Aha!” moment, an embarrassing and shameful one at that. I am the Queen of Excuses and Analyst Extraordinaire when it comes to my child’s behavior.
Every time that Laura is the slightest bit fussy, naughty, or anything other than wonderful, my postmodernist psychology kicks in and I try to find the elusive “Why?” After all, if I follow any parenting pop psychology today there’s got to be some underlying reason why Laura is behaving in any way other than the good, sweet girl I know she is.

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