Goodnight Giggles

She giggles in her crib. A lot. We’ve been through the ringer with our sweet baby the last four months. A wicked double ear infection which lead to not wanting to eat which lead to feeding her at any hour she would actually eat which led to our current predicament. LL thinks that 3 am is time for her fourth meal (no not from Taco Bell) and an hour and a half party in her crib. Now I realize that I should be grateful for a few things. One, that she is actually eating again. Yes, now I can stop counting wet diapers and ounces eaten in a day. No worries of dehydration anymore! Two, she is just giggling away at 3am. She eats and then I put her back down and she plays happily until she falls back asleep…an hour and a half later

It’s that last part that is taking it’s toll. I keep trying to explain to my dear hubs that I am averaging five hours of sleep a night and those aren’t even consecutive hours! Never, ever realized I could be this tired. How is it that back in the day I could party, I mean study in the library, until the wee hours of the morning and then get up for class with no problems at all?! 

I must say I do love that my independent & sassy sweetheart can put herself to sleep. I absolutely adore listening to her chat away to whomever or whatever she is talking to at night. She cracks me up! I swear she’s having full blown, in-depth convos with Lord only knows who! She has in my humble opinion the cutest stinkin’ giggle in the world!

So I guess I’ll take the goodness & giggles along with the sleep deprivation for these times are short & precious & I have been abundantly blessed with this little bundle of sassypants! 

P.S. Please realize I have such a loving perspective on this subject because she finally slept completely through the night last night! Ask me tomorrow and you may get a sleep deprived, rage-aholic who will burn holes in your face with her evil eyes…fair warning! 😉